New products 2016

For the season 2016 we offer again many new and interesting products. Not only new colours, but also a brand new lure, Santeri. Kuusamon Uistin is known especially for spoons and spinners, but for this year it is a wobbler. Santeri is above all a Pikeperch lure but also attracts pike and trout.

Could this be the next legendary lure which is still spoken after decades in the same way as our famous Räsänen or Professor lures? Our expectations are hight!


The collection will include more specia colours, which are treated with an ultraviolet radiating reflective material. Explore our brochure for this year´s selection- you can recognize these often discussed new colours by the UV marking on the colour codes.

Kuusamo lightened X-Pro tasapaino 75/8


Kirppu 1

Kirppu 2

Kirppu 3

Räsänen Bead 90/28

Räsänen Bead 70/20

Räsänen Bead 50/11

Lätkä 70/14 and 70/25

Suurhauki 95/40

Professor 00 180/60

Professor 1 115/27, Beed

Professor 2 90/26, Beed, casting

Professor 3 75/12, Beed

Kumma 10g

Paavo-lippa 7g

KUF-lippa fly hook 5g and 7g

Tundra 85/19 and Taiga 85/24