Length 115 mm
Burbot is the most active during the winter. It spawns in January–February and it also grows the most during the coldest months of the year. Burbot gets very hungry both before and after spawning. Its vision is poor but its hearing and sense of smell are keen. We at Kuusamon Uistin have developed a burbot lure with two detached bait hooks that rattle in the water. Use a piece of vendace, smelt or herring for bait.

Here’s how you use a burbot lure: first, set it down on the bottom. Do quick vibrations with the rod to make the lure rattle and lift up mud from the bottom. Lightly shake the rod for about five seconds and then let the lure lay still. Change holes if you find no sign of the fish within a few minutes. The disturbed mud and the noise made by the lure attract the burbot to the scene to inspect the cause. When you notice a burbot nibbling on the pieces of fish on offer, do a quick counter-attack and land the fish on the ice. Using a burbot lure requires a stiff ice fishing rod and a thick line. Many anglers also ice fish without a rod and simply hold the line between their fingers.