Titanium leaders
Titanium is one of the strongest materials on Earth. Kuusamo’s leader selection also contains a titanium option. It might sound like overkill but we are only considering the longevity of the product. Titanium does not suffer wear and tear and it won’t snap even when casting heavy lures. Length 15 and 25 cm.

Stainless steel leader and wire leader
Pike fishing without a leader is a lost cause. The fish has hundreds of sharp teeth in its mouth that will shred any line coming their way. Choose the length of the leader based on the size of the lure. Large lures can withstand sturdier leaders than smaller ones. Our leaders are also suitable for winter fishing. Now you can protect your favourite vertical lure from the jaws of pike even in the winter!

Stainless steel leader 6 cm (0), 13 cm (2) and 15 cm (3).

Stainless steel wire leader 15 cm (4), 20 cm (5) and 25 cm (6).

Stainless steel accessories for heavy use
Kuusamo’s high-quality stainless steel accessories do not buckle even under heavy pressure. Our swivels, tournament swivels and leaders are made of tough stainless steel. Sizes 6 cm (0), 13 cm (2) and 15 cm (3). Tensile strength 40 kg.