New 2020

Traditional smokey vendace and shiny white vendace colors have always been the basic fishing choices for lures. Smoke and mackerel paintings painted in new shimmery metallic shades proved to be very attractive fishing colors in many lure models and for many different fish. Sunlight reflection creates contrast between smooth surface, dark back colors and metallic surface.

The fire tiger color has an added new look with the addition of shades of pink and purple and silver. This color turned out to be really attractive for perch, pike-perch and rainbow trout. For Santeri’s smallest model, we developed a vendace color type. This “Hot-vendace” is going to be a real hit on the rivers this coming autumn/fall. Last summer test trips to the north brought excellent results with trout with all of these new colors, and the salmon were also caught with the smokey vendace color. Don’t hesitate to ask your retailer what’s new from us this coming summer!

Räsänen 120 / 50

Santeri 90/9

Santeri 110 ja 130 mm

Organic colors always work because they closely resemble the natural nutrition of the predators. We have also developed new irritable colors for rainbow trout fishing. Small Räsänen are always popular favourites when ice fishing for rainbow trout. All you need to do is get out there and try these great new shades and colors!


Räsänen Helmi 70/20 ja 90/28

Räsänen Helmi 50/11

Lätkä 70/25 ja 70/14

Professor 115/27

Kumma 10 g